Ghost Towns

by Spark & Whisper

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Spark & Whisper's second album.
Nine original songs by Anita Sandwina & Velvy Appleton.
Dark & powerful.
Produced by Monica Pasqual & Velvy Appleton.


released June 25, 2013

Anita Sandwina-- vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjolin
Velvy Appleton-- vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar
Paul Eastburn-- bass
Scott Johnson-- drums
Robert M Powell-- pedal steel
Monica Pasqual-- piano, accordion

Produced by Monica Pasqual & Velvy Appleton
Recorded & Mixed by BZ Lewis
Mastered by Gary Hobish



all rights reserved


Spark & Whisper Fairfax, California

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Track Name: Ghost Town
Ghost Town
V. Appleton

Hard to believe
This town once was mine
Her chords and her rhythms
Her omens her signs
The forms and the figures
The faces the eyes
The takers the givers
The lows and the highs

The debt, the dues
The smoke and the booze
Mothers and lovers
The friends and the fools
They stand now before me
They all gather round
To escort me through
My lovely ghost town

Up & down
These streets and these hills
My tales tumble
Like so much wine spills
They pour down the pavement
And dry in the sun
Just stains on the sidewalk
All that we’ve done

The girl that you worked with
Parnassus and Cole
Your house in the Mission
That necklace we stole
The roof that we slept on
The freeway we sped
The warehouse we jammed in
The lives that we led

No regrets
No call for confession
No regrets
No tears in the glass
I can’t forget the way that you loved me
The blood, skin, sweat
The smell of the past

The veiled, the used
The coke and the ‘ludes
Mothers turned lovers
Friends turned to fools
They stand now before me
They all gather round
To escort me through
My lovely ghost town
Track Name: February
V. Appleton

Feels like forever
These days
These journeys from coffee to wine
I can barely remember
The fireflies and jasmine
Kami's vanilla perfume

I look to the east
ponder the springtime pretending
I look up above
Orion still hunting the night
I know summer can bring on some changes
But no one remembers
Rain on the 4th of July

Dropped her bags in December
They stay
in the room at the top of my stairs
Telephone rings with September
a valentine soaked by the rain

I know it'll bring on some changes
I know it'll bring on the light
I know it'll bring on those changes
but no one remembers
The rain on the 4th of July
Track Name: Burger For A Buck
V. Appleton

Burger for a buck
Dinner in my truck
We nurse our kids with insulin
And curse our luck

Hustle for a dime
Worry all the time
Got to get to Disneyland
Gotta claim what’s mine

Set out on the land
See the clockwork glory
Look down at my hands
Read their shameful story
The making of the man
The silence and the fury
I look down at my hands

Angels cased in blue
Show us what you do
Kill a kid from miles above
Wave as they fly through
Track Name: Meadow
A. Sandwina

Meadow says that she will always be true
Meadow says that blue is the finest hue

Meadow says the sun is the only way
And the clouds are always the answer to the grey

Meadow says it’s better not to speak
Then the answers come to the questions that we seek

Meadow sings her song all day long
Of the dreamers, believers and how to belong

Meadow says that the circle is the shape
and you can try to leave it but you can not escape
It’s bigger then it’s smaller when you breathe
and the shape of the path we take before we leave

Meadow knows that winters going to come
With it’s cold and darkness and it’s numbing

And in the freeze too the sparkle and the play
And the wind and the wonder and the sway

Meadow say s theat water comes and goes
Try to control it and on it flows

And there is no where that you have to be
So do what you want here before you leave
Track Name: Iowa Heart
Iowa Heart

It’s the hills and the big oak trees
The slow running river
I was the first for you
You were the first for me
And your brown eyes made me shiver

Memories always come together
The land and your part
I still believe you hold a piece of me
And I hold you, too, in this Iowa heart.

Iowa heart

Rows of corn and my innocence reborn
among the fields with you
there was nothing else we could
Played so hard in the yard
Till the darkness to the sky and we never wanted to say goodbye

Memories always come together
The land and your part
I still believe you hold a piece of me
And I hold you, too, in this Iowa heart.

Iowa heart

I still remember our last dance
It was the perfect song
It could have been the best romance
I knew even then it had no chance
And now I catch you in this backward glance

I hold you, too
I hold you in this
Iowa heart
Track Name: Who I've Been
Who I've Been
V, Appleton

Scratch on the surface
I sputter and stall
Shocked as my gears disengage
I’ve bet all my money
But the tables have turned
As the cards I’ve been dealt re-arrange

Just ‘neath the skin line
There’s soul in these veins
Surprised that I’m still flesh and bones
She’ll lead me to battle
She’ll push me to war
Armed only with sticks and with stones

I’ve sown all my stories
I’ve shed my old skin
Over and over and over and
Now I’ll try once again to rely on my love to begin
To know who I’ve been

Down in the basement
Delilah awaits
Blades sharp, ready to strike
I wake in the morning
Grab hold of my love
Just grateful to still be alive

Up in the attic
The winds blow and stir up
The dust that has settled like night
Outside my window
The trees are a blur
Of motion and promise and life

Too late in the game to move backwards
Too soon to throw in my hand
Too many coins on the table
Too much I don’t understand
Track Name: Our World Now
Our World Now
©Velvy Appleton

Look at them running
Look at them go
I remember those days
The days I was alone

All of those connections
My wires crossed
I’d hang on to my history
To keep from getting lost

Unplug the TV
Turn off the phone
They’re just noise anyhow
I’ll light your candles
You can sing my prayers
This is our world now.

Look at them searching
Searching for the way
The path is long
The night is dark
There’s no sign of the day

Bills and obligations
Disciplines and goals
They’ve got a name for everything
But they don’t have you to hold

Unplug the TV
Turn off the phone
They’re just noise anyhow
You’ll light my candles
I’ll sing your prayers
This is our world now.

So whisper in my ear
Whatever comes to mind
Your voice so low
Your breath so warm
The thoughts will feel like mine

Close the door behind you
We’ll take a secret vow

Unplug the TV
Pull out the phone
They’re just noise anyhow
We’ll make our candles
And we’ll write our own prayers
This is our world now.